“KOSMOS” originates from the ancient Greek of “universe.” It means order, existence and harmony, just like the balance made by stars in the process of endless collision and fusion. It also symbolizes that somatosensory technology breaks the limitation between time, space and realm, contributing to ultimate possibilities.





The Funtech sacred land including the most varieties of VR games nationwide makes you become a star who draws people’s attention while waving both your hands with themusic or starts a multi-player online shooting game with partners. All experiences ofthe hottest innovative games can be found at the KOSMOSPOT.

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    1F., No. 1, Zhong’an Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    (On the 1st floor of the Taroko Park West Mall)

  • +886-7-972-8001


The integration of “Funtech Industry Promotion Office”, “Business Support Center” and “Innovative Incubation Service Space” provides technical supports, cross-industry collaboration and business consultation. Welcome all startups to aboard the cabin where dreams are hatched.

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    2F., No. 1, Zhong’an Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    (On the 2nd floor of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit (KRTC) administration building)
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From technique meet-ups, forums, seminars to international summits, from talents, business matchings to turnkey solution exports, we build up a platform for startups to demonstrate their energy, to brew the power for rocket boosting, from 1 to ∞ (infinity), we achieve the fulfillment of KOSMOS that making creativities alive.



Focusing on forward-looking R & D programs, worth-developing business models, and innovative unique products will be fostered from additional subsidy to incubate new stars in the future.



In cooperation with private enterprises, specially designed fun-tech training courses will be offered, making this a clustering place for both technology and content talents. Future fun-tech specialists will be incubated here through professional content development and operations management training.




As the best thruster of somatosensory industry, KOSMOS connects resources of industry, school and research, becoming a bridge between colleges and workplaces. There will be more and more young talents engage in the field of somatosensory technology.


Since KOSMOS puts effort on VR/AR education and incubation platform, 108 people have been trained and completed training in 2019. This shaped the new industrial chain of VR/AR in southern Taiwan and accelerated industrial transformation.


In cooperation with private enterprises, specially designed fun-tech training courses will be offered, making this a clustering place for both technology and content talents. Future fun-tech specialists will be incubated here through professional content development and operations management training.



The international forum connected Taiwanese somatosensory industries with the world, shared the global somatosensory technological trends and management experience, and created an impression of Kaohsiung a somatosensory city.



“KOSMOS Festival” made use of Cargo Truck full of Kaohsiung Somatosensory technology and circuited to Gangshan, Cishan, and Fengshan, bringing somatosensory technology and A/VR outdoor to let more people to experience. Through the high immersion brought by somatosensory technology, people knew that somatosensory technology is not hard to understand—it can improve the quality of life, enhance artistic feelings, and make many impossible possible.

DigiWave Takao

The first "DIGI WAVE" event was held in Kaohsiung Music Center. This event hoped to communicate with the public through technology. Taiwanese music worker Lim Giong, musician Kay Huang, Japanese artist Miwa Komatsu, the design team Ultra Combos and HTC were invited to participated, and it combined somatosensory technology with exhibitions and concerts.


“Kaohsiung Film Festival” is the biggest VR film exhibition in Taiwan. By the theme of “XR Unlimited Fantasy” echoing the latest XR trend, it showed more than 30 films including human-computer interaction as well as 360-degree immersive viewing, and crossed the border of AR, sound, performance and people, letting the audience enter a variety of splendid virtual reality world.



① HTC and eXtra, the largest electronic retailer in Saudi Arabia, established a virtual reality center “Xtra Life.”

② Distribution MOU between X.A.C. and Malaysia’s company Dutajaya Media

③ Distribution MOU between Pumpkin Studio and Korea’s VR company YESH

South by SouthWest,SXSW

The Economic Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government led a delegation to participate in the “2019 SXSW Art Interactive Festival.” It is a series of art exhibitions about movies, interactive technology and music in USA every year. Taiwan companies such as PumpkinVR, Brogent are arranged to communicate with international corporations like AMD, Framestore to discuss possible business collaboration and technical issues. We also cooperated with Plug and Play to help Taiwan’s Startups with their resources.

International co-op to accelerate industry marketing

Offline experience stores in Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea, Sandbox Immersive Festival in China, NewImages Festival in France

me Convention

We were invited by SXSW to be one of the speakers in "2019 me Convention" to share experience and interact with 11 cities around the world about startup city. The me Convention was born out of a collaboration between SXSW and Mercedes-Benz as a future-facing lifestyle event since 2017. This annual gathering has now evolved into a‘future lab’ for exploring major issues and promising ideas for society, business, science and our planet. The me Convention is all about getting involved and taking action.



The Startup incubator provides the best office and co-working space for startups with cheap rents, technical supports, instant market-feedback from KOSMOSPOT, as well as business collaboration and consulting services.
@No. 1, Zhong’an Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan

Setting up business alliance support

Assisting companies to cooperate with foreigners, Opening up way to international market.

Expanding business opportunities overseas

With the upstream and downstream chain of industry, we help Taiwanese companies expand their overseas market through international business matching.

Mastering the trend of worldwide XR technology

Collecting international business information and giving out suggestions for the development of the somatosensory technology industry

Organizing cross-fields applications events

Providing exhibition platforms such as giant events, startup walks, exhibitions, marketing, etc.




KOSMOSPOT X VIVELAND provides consumers the state of the art experience space and startups the perfect stage for demonstration. Apart from collecting the hottest AR/VR games, it specifically allocates individual demo space for XR startups as well as providing ticket service, living lab service, evaluation mechanism and others to encourage startups optimizing product and service for better outcome, along with accelerating the business model then taking the lead in Taiwan XR ecosystem development and finally bringing innovative MIT products worldwide.
@ The 1st floor of the Taroko Park West Mall


The Only 8K Stereoscopic VR Theater in Taiwan
VR transcends our imagination of “watching” and makes our sensory experience closer to the future. Therefore, the design of the theater space is dominated by silver-gray tones and simple lines. The theater is equipped with multiple circular-shaped seats, which makes audience feel like they are in a space capsule.In order to provide the best and most comfortable VR viewing experience for the audience, films will be played in stereoscopic 8K quality.
@C9 Warehouse, Dayi Pier-2 Zone, Dayi Street, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

Super Vision AR/VR Room

In order to immerse the citizens and students in the atmosphere combining study subjects and interactive technology together to enhance learning interests and the curiosity for knowledge, the Social Education Center has built a “Super Vision AR/VR Room” to provide interactive experience including history, culture, and other subjects for citizens over 12 years old.
@ No. 115, Xuefu Rd., Xiaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City 812, Taiwan

Highlight Application

Compal Electronics, Inc.

Smart fitness evaluation platform

Not only Combining multi-techniques including cloud,sensors, software, embedded system, low-power consumption Bluetooth, WiFi as well as sync-control and remote-monitoring of multi-core processors but integrating AI related techniques to expand sports &rehabilitation market.



Sewer augmented reality platform

The system collects and analyzes the operation and problems data of the sewer, so that maintenance personnel can follow the AR direction to accurately and quickly remove obstacles with the images of glasses.


Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation X PHALANITY

Tourism projection mapping information interactive wall

We combined somatosensory technology with travel information to create a projection mapping interactive guide wall, which is different from the excessively information in the past, presenting fun animations in order to enhance the convenience of MRT travel.


Funique Vr Studio

Shoushan national natural park virtual reality project

Developing “secret of the symbiosis of earth species” VR video, “Earth Book”, “mysterious cave exploration” and other interactive content with the natural ecology of Shoushan National Natural Park.


E-DA Theme Park X VAR LIVE / Arplanet

AR/VR theme Park

VR STATION, the largest VR theme park in Asia, established the " Extradimensional Duel", the first 10 vs 10 multiplayer VR game, using AR and VR technologies to develop new-style entertainment content and create a somatosensory park.


Brogent Technologies Inc

Lightning Wings: IP somatosensory gaming base

Lightning Wings: It is the world's first multiplayer connected somatosensory eSports game. It adopts a full senses VR eSports system with a six-axis platform somatosensory seat and a VR helmet as well as flying joystick designed specifically for the game.


Over-Paradigm Technology Inc.

Children's education AR application

Applying the advantages and features of AR to preschool education and combining AR and 3D animation to cultivate 8 intelligence and 15 abilities of children as well as integrating digital teaching materials, teacher training and cloud service platforms to provide complete Innovative teaching solutions.